Bre is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, movement enthusiast and has a passion for helping people to heal themselves. She deepened her yoga journey a few years ago during a difficult time in her life. Yoga became a space of peace and continues to help her weather the storms of life. Bre completed her Yoga Teacher Training at Yogawork Boston under Caitlyn Graham Visconte and Renee LeBlanc. Being in the medical field and having a background in dance, yoga felt like a natural transition. Through Bre’s passion for movement; yoga has become an outlet she not only benefits from; but thrives on promoting and educating fellow yogis on the lifelong benefits that a strong yoga practice has to offer.

Bre loves merging the eastern and western world’s together and strives to make yoga accessible and approachable to all levels and ages. Due to her background as a physical therapist she is able to tailor poses to your specific needs based off individual capabilities, injuries, or limitations by being able to suggest modifications or variations. She truly believes the road to health is a mind, body and soul journey that will have bumps and turns along the way that yoga can help you navigate.  Bre’s classes are alignment focused backed by her strong knowledge of the human anatomy, thoughtgul flows to improve stability, mobility and strength while keeping it exciting.


Fun Facts about Bre

  • Favorite pose and why: Pincha mayurasana. It’s a Pose I never thought I would be able to do but now I love it! You have to be able to build strength to balance and maintain focus which I translate to life.

  • In my class soundtrack you’ll hear: Anything from background noise to whatever my mood is that day!

  • Favorite way to de-stress: Sounds cliché but yoga! I always leave feeling refreshed and have a more clear mind.

  • Favorite essential oil & use: Lavender. It’s such a calming smell to me. I have such fond memories linked to the sent from my childhood that whenever I smell it it brings me back to simpler times.

  • What has Ganesh done for you/hope will do for students? He is known as a remover of obstacles and I find solace in that. I hope that my students can take that and leave knowing they can tackle anything life throws at them.

  • When I’m not on the mat or teaching: Practicing as a physical therapist, being active, spending time with friends and family.