A long-time Winthrop resident and “gym rat”, Lisa never imagined she would be so in love with yoga.  As a fitness instructor, Lisa has been interested in human anatomy and became certified to teach yoga in 2005. Lisa is fascinated by how our bodies hold, flow and land with such grace and strength and that we can breathe ourselves to a clear mind-- our body’s way of speaking with no words, trusting our inner voices.

Lisa’s classes focus on grounded breath work and alignment cues during a strong vinyasa. Lisa provides a personal touch, assisting you to different options and modifications that will work for your specific practice, allowing you to leave class feeling centered, refreshed and satisfied.


Fun Facts about lisa

  • Certifications & Accomplishments: 200 RYT, REIKI 1, NASM, AFFA, neuromuscular training

  • Favorite pose and why: Downward facing dog! This pose makes me feel so alive, feeling my hands and feet pressing gives me a sense of grounding, strength and inner peace.

  • In my class soundtrack you’ll hear: An eclectic playlist ranging from tribal drumming, nature sounds to all out acoustic soundtracks.

  • Favorite way to de-stress: Take a powerful hot yoga class, a warm shower and a cup of green tea.

  • Favorite essential oil & use: Eucalyptus and lemon - the zest wakes my senses. But it’s so hard to just pick, I love them all!

  • What has Ganesh done for you/hope will do for students?  Our Ganesh at the studio is such a form of beauty, he is such a strong presence that brings a sense of peacefulness with just a glance.

  • When I’m not on the mat or teaching: I’m spending family time with my beautiful children and of course cooking, I love to cook!