Ronnie is not really sure if he found yoga or if yoga found him. As a fitness enthusiast Ronnie found himself in the gym much of his adult life. After suffering the physical pain of muscle tears and arthritic joints, paired with emotional trauma of a divorce, he was searching for something more. In 2008, Ronnie took his first yoga class and the rest is history. Yoga helped him achieve the mental clarity to move on with his life, while allowing his body to stay in shape in a non-destructive way. He’s honored to be able to share his love of the mind and body practice to others looking for peace, happiness and fitness.


Fun Facts about ronnie

  • Certifications & Accomplishments: 200 hr RYT, Chakra Power Yoga 200hr YTT, led by Nicole Burrill and Tim Kelleher  

  • Favorite pose and why: Child’s pose, it provides me with grounding and a sense of peace.

  • Favorite way to de-stress:  Other than yoga or the gym, I enjoy cooking while enjoying a glass of wine, listening to music.

  • Favorite essential oil & use:  Peppermint, it clears my head and helps me stay focused.

  • What has Ganesh done for you/hope will do for students?  When we practice yoga, the real intent is to clear the mind so we can achieve mental clarity and focus. Ganesh, being the remover of obstacles, reminds us of this. When the mind is clear, we are able to move forward with our lives.

  • When I’m not on the mat or teaching:  I’m trying to find a way to escape from my day job!