Samantha discovered yoga in 2016 after being forcibly dragged into a yoga studio by a friend. What started with eye rolls and general scepticism turned into, "THAT is yoga?!". For the first time ever, her brain stopped for long enough to take a proper breath and she has been hooked ever since. Having struggled with mental illness, a regular yoga practice been a key piece of mental wellness.

Sam's classes aim to create strength and stability both physically and mentally, leaving students with a balanced body, calm mind and easy, steady breath. Most importantly, she wants her students to find that when the world kicks their butt, they can tap into their strength, resilience, and balance to get right back up. And then come to yoga.


Fun Facts about Samantha

  • Certifications & Accomplishments: 200 hr YTT at Jacqui Bonwell's Sacred Seeds Yoga School led by Jen Murray and Michelle Powers at Centre Yoga Studio in Woburn.

  • Favorite pose and why: Supported fish, there is nothing else more freeing to me than being fully held up in a heart opener.

  • In my class soundtrack you’ll hear: Mostly instrumental-based vibey beats great for flowing, reconnecting and relaxing. My go-tos are Petit Biscuit, The Album Leaf, ODESZA, Helios, Emancipator and Tycho.

  • Favorite way to de-stress: A long, hot shower and a really good playlist.

  • Favorite essential oil & use: Lavender, Frankincense and Lemon. It’s my go-to on the days when I need to reconnect and find some grounding but also stay energized and present.

  • What has Ganesh done for you/hope will do for students? Everytime I step into the studio and see Ganesh, it reminds me to get out of my own way. Most of the time I’m my own biggest obstacle!

  • When I’m not on the mat or teaching: I’m a sucker for a cozy night in with my husband, Ian and our aggressively affectionate Great Pyrenees, Lucy.