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Stefanie Finocchio-Durham, Lic. Ac


Stefanie is a Winthrop native and co-owner of The Yoga Lounge. Her yoga journey started as a simple interest in movement, but quickly evolved into a way of life, feeling a complete connection to her body, nourishing her physical and mental health. As someone who always has a lot on her plate, yoga allows her to feel grounded. Stefanie's yoga practice became her center, allowing everything else around her to fall into place.

Stefanie went on to complete her 200 hour YTT to not only learn more about yoga, but to help others benefit as she had.  She believes a well rounded yoga class consists of breath (pramayama), movement (asana) and meditation (savasana). Her teaching focuses on self awareness, intention and moving in ways which nourish the mind and body.  In her class expect to work hard, be a bit confused (in a good way), sweat, breathe and learn something new about your body. Stefanie understands that yoga is a practice and every time you step onto your mat, there is change and growth. Yoga not only gives Stefanie strength and clarity but it keeps her humble with its challenges, much like life. The goal is to be able to walk out of class taking a piece of this gratitude with you.  

Stefanie is also the owner of Root + Sky Wellness, a holistic health and wellness retreat, in East Boston, offering acupuncture, massage and mental wellness services. Stefanie is the loving mother of Sky, whom her wellness retreat is named for.  


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Certifications & Accomplishments:

Licensed Acupuncturist, 200 YTT with Michelle Fleming of Sanctuary Studios, Advanced studies in Thai Massage, Masters in Acupuncture, Nationally Board Certified with the NCCAOM

Favorite pose:


In my class soundtrack you’ll hear:

Massive Attack, Thievery Corp and Krishna Das.

Favorite way to de-stress:

A good warm meal, bath,  a cozy blanket and my family.  

Favorite essential oil & use:

Roman chamomile diffusing before bed and in the bath!

What has Ganesh done for you/hope will do for students?

 Ganesh to me symbolizes strength.  He is the remover of obstacles. Always giving me strength, hope and perseverance when things get (or seem) tough.

When I’m not on the mat or teaching:

I am being a mum to my best friend and baby boy, Sky!



Tina Lauria


Tina, who hails from Revere, is The Yoga Lounge’s co-owner. Tina found her yoga practice while in recovery, allowing her to flourish, learning that there is a beautiful freedom on the other side of pain. Falling in love with yoga, she instantly knew she wanted to teach this healing practice to others.  

As an empath & lightworker, Tina tries to help as many people as she can to find their inner peace and light. We are all recovering from something: an addiction, a broken heart, a loss of a loved one, depression, anxiety. Teaching people to look inward, all while being more kind and compassionate to themselves and those around them is so important to Tina. Her teaching emphasizes that we are not alone and that our happiness is in our journey not our destination.  Through breath, movement and meditation she strives to get her students to find new levels of possibilities within the body and the mind, to let go and become present in a judgement free space in order explore their yoga. Most importantly, she guides them to take their practice on the mat, off the mat and into their lives.  To Tina, yoga is not something you do, yoga is something you live.        

Whether it is a power, all levels, yin or restorative class Tina will guide you through a flow that will have you rooted firmly into the ground while allowing you to soar emotionally, mentally and physically. She will strengthen and align your body while connecting mind body and soul.

Tina is also the owner of SoulDrink, custom essential oils.  She finds comfort in the healing power of essential oils and their endless benefits to our body, mind and soul.  She is also the owner of an accounting business, specializing in small businesses. Tina is the proud mother of her daughter, Kayla.   


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Certifications & Accomplishments:

Tina received her 200 hr YTT  at South Boston yoga under David Vendetti and Todd Skoglund.  She is also Y12SR (Yoga for 12 Step Recovery) Certified and a Reiki 2 Practitioner.

Favorite pose:

Ardha Chandrasana (half moon).  This pose reminds me to stay rooted as I soar and let go.  Finding the balance in the strength of rooting down and the freedom of letting go at the same time is liberating.

In my class soundtrack you’ll hear:

Whatever moves my soul in that moment

Favorite way to de-stress:

Quiet time alone or in nature, a silent meditation, a good book or a warm bath with essential oils

Favorite essential oil & use:

Do I have to pick one?! Ok fine, Ylang Ylang.  I diffuse and apply to the bottom of my feet when I need to ground, rest or regroup!

What has Ganesh done for you/hope will do for students?

Ganesh to me means recovery, strength, possibility and resilience.  Ganesh reminds me that the obstacles we face may not be what they seem and not only will we overcome with ease- but we will overcome with much more knowledge.

When I’m not on the mat or teaching:

I’m actively working with women in recovery or spending time with my family.

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